“City Councilman Rey Saldaña is a solid representative for District 4. Voters should elect him to a third term.”

“At the precocious age of 26, District Four City Councilman Rey Saldaña is the poster boy for the newest generation of polished Latino leaders.,” Robert Rivard.

“District 4’s Rey Saldaña has delivered an impressive performance in his first term on City Council,” Express-News Editorial Board

“Rey Saldaña Running For City Council Office (pun intended),” Texas Public Radio.

Rey was recently featured in a KSAT news story on the District 4 council race. Video can be found here.

“Aside from the money and endorsement aspect, what swayed me towards Saldaña are his fresh views on District 4 and potential of the area. After receiving a master’s degree in education from Stanford, Saldaña decided to come back to his hometown to work towards improving his district and the city,” the endorsement read.

The Stonewall Democrats recently announced their endorsement for Rey in the District 4 Council race. “I am proud to have the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats and I appreciate the support of their members, who are all committed to ensuring a strong future for our community,” Rey said.

Festival of Lights

The San Antonio Current recently featured Rey’s candidacy in a cover story. “While versed on topics of infrastructure, stray animals, and other quality of life issue candidates love to tout, Saldaña says his goal is to turn district 4 into a place that attracts people like himself – the young and educated,” the article said.

Festival of Lights

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff endorsed Rey as a candidate for City Council in District 4. “I know I’m going against the grain, but I always try to keep my eye out for bright, young, new talent that could have an effect on our community in the future,” Wolff said. Wolff also said that Rey impressed him with “the way he handles himself and by the campaign he’s running.”

Rey ran more than eight miles from recently remodeled Arnold Park to City Hall, where he officially filed to be a candidate for City Council in District 4. Rey was joined on the run by supporters and members of Get Fit SATX, a group that provides free fitness programs to residents on the South Side of San Antonio. “One-third of our third- and fourth-graders are obese and our residents are at high risk for Diabetes,” Rey said. “Whether it is running eight miles or going for a walk through your neighborhood, living a healthy lifestyle is all about individual choices, and we can all lead by example in this effort.”

Rey’s candidacy was featured in the Burnt Orange Report, one of the most widely-read online political news sources in Texas. “Instead of carrying [his] impressive education credentials to some other market, Saldaña returned to San Antonio to focus on public service in his home community,” the article read. “Saldaña seems versed on public policy issues including the laundry list every candidate hauls out such as better streets and sidewalks, crime prevention, graffiti, and stray dogs. But he also has an eye for more complex policy aspects such as educational funding and programs, understanding the budget of the city (I asked him what he did when not campaigning and he said “go home and read the city’s budget”), and looking for creative opportunities to help the district.”

Rey formally announced his candidacy for San Antonio City Council, District 4 on Saturday January, 22nd before roughly 200 supporters. Ms. Jill Gable, Rey’s teacher at Kazen Middle School, and Texas State Board of Education Member Michael Soto provided introductions, before Rey delivered remarks. “District 4 has always been my destination,” Rey told the crowd as he asked his supporters to join him in working to bring more for district 4.

Rey was featured in a column by Bruce Davidson, the Editorial Page Editor for the San Antonio Express-News. Reflecting on Rey’s experience and commitment to giving back to the community in which he was born and raised, Davidson wrote that Rey’s candidacy ensures a “serious debate” in the District 4 election this spring.


Rey got off to a strong fundraising start, raising more money over the last six months than any other candidate vying for city council in San Antonio. While Rey is proud of his strong showing, he continues to focus on the issues that matter most to the voters. “I am very fortunate to have so many people who believe in what we are trying to do here in District 4 and in San Antonio. However, this campaign is only just beginning and we have a lot of work ahead of us,” he said. Rey added that he will continue knocking on doors every single day to hear voters’ concerns.


Rey was featured in a Stanford Daily article on his race in San Antonio. Rey spoke fondly of his time at Stanford and the impact it has had on him as he prepares for the election in May. “There’s a spirit of taking risks [at Stanford] and being involved in something more worthwhile than your own success,” he said.


Rey with Rhodes 8th Graders

On Friday, December 10th, Rey spoke to 8th graders at Rhodes Middle School about his college experience and the financial aid process. Rey encouraged the students to focus on their grades and extracurriculars, and that financial concerns should not deter their dreams. “At the end of the day, getting accepted is the hardest part,” Rey told the students, “and once you’re accepted, the schools will do everything then can to make sure you can attend and graduate.”

Rey was featured as an “upcoming leader” in the Latino Leaders Magazine Monthly Update. The magazine highlighted Rey as a rising leader in Texas.


Festival of Lights

On Friday, November 26th, Rey participated in the Ford Holiday River Parade & Lighting Ceremony. The ceremony officially welcomes the holiday season and celebrates its spirit of sharing. Rey enjoyed sharing the event with more than 150,000 San Antonio residents and watching more than 120,000 lights sparkle along the River Walk!

Rey Volunteers at Raul Jimenez Dinner

On Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day, Rey helped set up for and serve meals at the 31st Annual Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner. The event ensures that 25,000 San Antonio residents receive a delicious Thanksgiving meal. “I have been truly blessed over the past year, and it was a great experience to say ‘thanks’ while sharing the holiday with so many wonderful neighbors and friends,” Rey said, adding that “the dinner is truly one of the city’s great events.”

Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon

Rey ran San Antonio’s Rock-n-Roll half-marathon on Sunday, November 14. The race benefited the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation to support breast cancer research. Rey finished the race in just under two hours and was happy to see so many of his friends from around the district out there running with him!

Rey Speaking at South San

On November 3, 2010, Rey spoke to the senior class at South San Antonio High School about the importance of higher education and his college experience. “We too often set limits on ourselves that keep us from reaching our full potential,” Rey told the students. Rey particularly enjoyed spending some time with many of his old teachers and friends, adding that “it was a great opportunity to talk to students who are in a position that I remember very well.”

Rey is featured in a San Antonio Express-News article about the District 4 city council race. Rey shows his passion for serving the district. “The fact that it’s going to be difficult isn’t a reason not to do it,” he said. “The question will be: Who’s going to be most dedicated to serving the public?”


Rey with fellow Legends teammates at the Wounded Warriors Classic

Rey teamed up with fellow South San Antonio High School students and faculty to play in the Wounded Warriors Baseball Classic at Wolff Stadium on September 4, 2010. The Classic provides an opportunity for veterans wounded in battle to play against former major leaguers. Rey was honored to play catcher on the Legends team.