More For District 4

Working Together to Bring More:

Government Transparency and Responsiveness to Citizens’ Concerns

By promoting and implementing innovative and more user-friendly technologies, our government will be more responsive to citizens’ input, more transparent, and more efficient with its distribution of resources. Increasing your input will more effectively guarantee that our streets stay safe, that potholes get filled, that graffiti is promptly removed, that parks stay clean and usable, and that stray animals are picked up in a timely manner.

Business Development and Job Growth

While private industry drives growth, our government must provide the right incentives to attract new businesses and job opportunities to District 4 and the city as a whole. Jobs are created by committed people from all walks of life who decide to start or expand a business. The task for your elected officials is to encourage that sort of commitment, and I pledge to make our district an attractive location both for existing businesses, as well as for new and growing companies.

Senior Services

Our seniors built the foundation for our younger generations and form the backbone of our community. Yet, too often, our seniors or those with disabilities live alone, are dependent on others for their care, and live on fixed incomes. We owe our seniors not only our gratitude, but a commitment to meeting their needs with high-quality services. If re-elected City Councilman, I will strive to continue to support our local senior centers by:

  • Expanding and enhancing nutritional programs, making sure that they are not only healthy and informational, but also enjoyable.
  • Promoting active lifestyles through fun activities such as dance therapy, exercise classes, and field trips.
  • Developing partnerships between schools and senior centers to promote mental health awareness and to provide our children with the guidance of a loving and caring adult.

Opportunities for Youth

Our future is based upon the promise and development of our city’s youngest residents, and we too often ignore the bulk of time that our children spend outside of the classroom. We must view the task of educating and mentoring our youngest citizens as one of paramount importance, and one that does not stop at the end of the school day. Drawing on input from parents, teachers, and community leaders, as well as my own experience in San Antonio’s public schools and in the education field, I will work to invest in programs that abide by conventional best practices to ensure that our youth receive the best educational foundation we can offer.

Health Awareness and Active Lifestyles

Two-thirds of San Antonio’s residents are overweight, leaving them at heightened risk for illnesses such as diabetes. This sobering fact is particularly true for Latino populations, which are disproportionately affected. Even more worrisome is that unhealthy lifestyles are common amongst our youth, and roughly one-third of our third and fourth graders are obese as a result. If re-elected City Councilman, I will work hard to make sure the city expands public areas for all types of recreational exercise and makes our green spaces more attractive to those who live around them. Likewise, the city is in a unique position to sponsor awareness and preventive health programs to promote healthier lifestyles. This must be done for the health of our community.